What can I donate?

Paracetamol – Dolo, Crocin etc.
Fabiflu, Hydroxychloroquine, Lariago
Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B, C, D, Throat Lozenges
Inhalers (non-contaminated)
Steroids – Prednisolone, etc.
Antibiotics – Azee 500, Doxycycline, Augmentin, Ivermectin, etc.
Anti-acidity – Pantocid, Sompraz D, etc.
Anti-diarrheal – Imodium, etc.
Anti-allergy – Allegra, Montek LC, Montelukast, Levocetirizine, etc.
Pain Relief – Ibuprofen, Combiflam, etc.
Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer
Disposable Oxygen Nasal Cannula and Mask Set (unused)

Can I donate partially used medicine strips?

Yes, provided they have not expired.

Can I donate cough syrup or other liquid medicines used to treat COVID-19?

No, we do not accept cough syrups or any other liquid medicines.

Can I donate Remdesivir, Tocilizumab injections etc.?

No, please do not donate meds/injections that need to be prescribed and controlled by medical authorities.

Can I donate medical equipment?

Yes, we accept simple medical equipment like pulse oximeters, thermometers, unused gloves, unused masks, PPE kits, medical syringes, oxygen masks etc.

How do I check whether the medicine has expired or not?

You can find the expiry date on the packaging or label.

Do I need to sort medicines based on type before sending it across?

No, please only check the expiry date. The segregation will be done at a later stage.

Can I donate non-COVID-19 medicines?

No, please refrain from donating any non-COVID-19 medicines.

Can I buy new medicines to donate?

No, please donate only leftover/unused medicines.

Can I donate money?

No, we strictly do not accept any monetary contributions.

Will you be able to pick-up the medicines from me?

No, we are unable to pick up medicines from your location but have tied up with Uber Connect to facilitate deliveries at a discounted rate. You can access the promo code once you click the ‘Donate Medicines’ tab on our homepage. 

Who will be responsible for delivery charges when medicines are sent to your collection centres via intra-city courier?

We accept only prepaid deliveries.

MedsForMore (“MFM’) is a citizen level volunteering social initiative established only to facilitate collection of unused COVID-19 medicines only to be prescribed and distributed free of charge by its volunteering partners. MFM in no manner encourages anyone to purchase medicines and donate for its purposes. MFM is carrying out this activity without any financial consideration. MFM is in no manner intending to raise any funding, monetary donations through this website or any other means for the said purpose.